Football rivalries mean nothing – Let’s pray for Christian Eriksen’s complete recovery

Today football means nothing

The biggest game in the world doesn’t mean anything today. The fans, the popularity, the entertainment, the fun are just mere words. Football has never come before a player’s life. Nor will it ever come before a player’s life.

Massive respect to Simon Kjær, the team’s centerback, who made sure that Eriksen didn’t swallow his tongue when he was unconscious, made sure he was in the correct position, got the squad to surround Eriksen so the media didn’t continue filming him and made sure Eriksen’s wife was comforted.

For some, heroes are the people who win countless number of matches in their career. For some, heroes are those people who have won plenty of individual trophies.

But the real heroes, who many people don’t talk about, are the ones who pull of amazing acts without even touching the ball. Today Kjær was the One. In the past there have been many, but sadly they are not talked about much.

Regardless of the quality of the players, every one of them is a Hero. These players wakes up early every day to train. They eat well. They train hard. They make countless sacrifices to reach where they have reached. And everything is done to perform good and entertain people all over the globe.

The supporters are always quick to criticize the players without having complete knowledge about the background of the players.

There is no doubt in the fact that Football is one of the most Beautiful Games in the world. Cheering them on their good days and making constructive criticism will only make this game even more beautiful.

Christian Eriksen is alive and stable. That’s the best result all the past European Championships combined together will ever witness! We are all One today! That’s what makes this game the most beautiful in this planet!

We also must say thanks to the medical staff. We condemn and blabber a lot sometimes. But they are, at the end of the day, the real HEROES. Not just today but every single passing day!

Even though I am an Arsenal fan, I won’t think twice about saying that Christian Eriksen was my Hero today❤

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