Dennis Bergkamp inducted into the Premier League Hall of Fame

Bergkamp has become the sixth player to be honoured by the Premier League.

He is the second Gunner after Henry who has been inducted into the PL Hall of Fame.

“I’m extremely proud if people say I was one of the first foreign players who added something to the English game,” Dennis Bergkamp told the Premier League’s official website. 

“The Premier League most definitely made me a better player. From the moment I arrived in England, I embraced the English mentality and passion for football, it suited me and my style of play.

“Playing every game against go​od and tough opponents meant I improved all the time. I enjoyed every minute of it.

Bergkamp spent 11 seasons with the Gunners between 1995 and 2006.

He managed 87 goals and 94 assists in 315 league games contributing to winning 3 PL titles and 4 FA Cups.

Earlier, Thierry Henry was also inducted into the Hall of Fame along with Alan Shearer, Roy Keane, Eric Cantona and Frank Lampard.

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