Guardian: Kroenke believed to be ready to consider offers starting from £2bn

Daniel Ek has released a statement confirming a takeover bid to Kroenke.

It’s reportedly a £1.8bn offer, which was rejected by the current Arsenal owner.

According to The Guardian, Stan Kroenke is thought to want at least £2bn to consider selling Arsenal.

Daniel Ek has confirmed that he launched a takeover bid, which was turned down by the current owner.

According to various sources, including Sky Sports, the opening bid was £1.8bn.

As per The Guardian, figures close to Ek, whose personal fortune is estimated at around £3.4bn, say he will easily raise the additional £200m sum to launch another bid.

Earlier, Kroenke Sports & Entertainment released a statement claiming they don’t plan to sell the club.

Source: Guardian

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