Cazorla: ‘I don’t know why Arsenal fans have been so good to me. Their love is priceless’

Santi says he loved playing at the Emirates in front of the rearing crowd.

He felt the affection from Arsenal fans but doesn’t understand why he is so special for the Gunners faithful.

“I enjoyed myself the most in the Premier League,” Santi Cazorla told ahead of the Europa League semi-final between two clubs Santi had represented, Arsenal and Villarreal.

“For me, playing at the Arsenal Stadium every fortnight was wonderful, in front of our fans in such a lovely and amazing stadium. It’s something I really miss because it’s a special feeling.

“I don’t know why the fans have been so good to me as I’ve only done what I did at every club, trying to do things the right way and bringing something to the table, and the love they gave and still give me is priceless.

“It’s unforgettable and it’s down to them that I’m such a Gunner.”

Santi is revered by Arsenal fans for being one of the finest players of the Emirates era. He spent a total of six years at the club.

Cazorla plays for Qatari side Al-Sadd now. The midfielder repeatedly stated how much he misses Arsenal and the Emirates. He hopes to play a proper farewell game at our home ground.

Watch Cazorla’s 2018 farewell message to Arsenal fans:

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