Feelings still running deep in North London as Arsenal fans want to make things very uncomfortable for Kroenke

If Stan Kroenke and the wider Arsenal board thought that they’d got away with an afternoon of protesting outside the Emirates Stadium by supporters, they’d better think again.

The notion of the European Super League has seen fans of most clubs unite like never before, and the North London faithful are preparing to do it all over again before Arsenal’s vital Europa League tie against La Liga outfit, Villarreal.

The Sun report that thousands more protestors are expected to come to the stadium and vent their anger at the board before, during and after the match on May 6.

An effigy of Kroenke was hung from a lamppost outside the stadium on Friday, before the game against Everton, and whilst that can never be condoned, it evidences a depth of feeling that would appear to pervade right across the Gunners fan base.

It’s sure to be an uncomfortable time for the owner, and it may well even be the straw that breaks the camels back and forces him to sell up.

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