“I’m with Ian Wright” Former high profile politician wants Kroenke out

Arsenal fan and former Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow has joined calls for Stan Kroenke to sell up and leave.

The American owner has come under intense fire in recent days after joining a host of top European teams to form a new money-spinning competition – European Super League.

Following heavy criticism and protests from their fans, the six English teams who originally joined the alliance pulled out, including Arsenal.

The club’s fans couldn’t believe that Kroenke would get their team involved in something like that and they want him to sell and leave now.

Ian Wright was heartbroken that the Gunners joined and now supports the #Kroenkeout movement on Twitter.

He has now received support from a prominent Arsenal fan after Bercow insisted that he also thinks the time has come for Kroenke to sell up and leave London for good.

He told Arsenal Fan TV that Kroenke’s latest act has left him feeling disgusted and admits that he doesn’t think the American has any credibility left at the moment.

He said: ‘Politicians are sometimes accused of sitting on the fence and not answering the question and failing to say what they really think. If you’re asking me what I’m thinking about it, my feeling is one of utter disgust. 

‘Do I personally think Mr Kroenke has any credibility after all this? The honest answer is no. I’m with Ian Wright, Kroenke out. I think he should go.

‘I think that he has long been deeply unpopular with fans. What I am unhappy about is that I’ve never felt he’s passionate about football, still less that he’s passionate about Arsenal. 

‘He seems to be passionate about making money, about shareholder return. What matters to fans is the club and having some respect for the history of the club.’

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