50+1 ownership model could happen: UK government launches fan-led review of English football

The possibility of a different ownership model is being explored. A regulatory authority to oversee the decisions made by club owners could be set.

The UK government has brought forward a review of all English football after the European Super League fallout.

According to the BBC, the process will include assessing ownership, finance and supporter involvement in the game.

Ownership models

The review will consider different ownership models, including those used in Germany. The ’50+1 rule’ means that clubs cannot play in the Bundesliga if one commercial investor owns more than a 49% stake (with a few exemptions).

This model is said to be effective in ensuring that ‘reckless’ owners can’t take unilateral decisions and proved to be effective with no German clubs signing up for the Super League.

The UK government said: “While foreign ownership has undoubtedly benefited the development of the game, the review will seek to test whether existing oversight is sufficient to protect the interests of the game.”

Independent Regulation

Following the announcement of the Super League on Sunday, Gary Neville suggested that the game could use an independent regulatory authority. The newly-established body would monitor the activities of the clubs and stop them from taking decisions detrimental to English football.

The review will also assess how this proposal could work and what relationship it could have with certain bodies – such as the English Football Association – in the game.

Other areas of interest

The review also hopes to scrutinise the Owners’ and Directors’ Tests currently in place, assess the flow of money through the English football pyramid, and consider if club finances could be checked on a more regular basis.

Time will also be spent considering what possible interventions that could protect the club’s identities, such as historical features like club badges..

Source: BBC

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