‘The fans have the right to express themselves freely’: Arteta responds to planned Kroenke Out protests

The Spaniard believes the fans’ protests show the power and capacity of their influence over the club.

Arteta believes the fans should be left to protest freely and it’s on the team to keep them engaged with Arsenal’s work on the pitch.

When asked about his thoughts on Arsenal fans planning to protest against Stan Kroenke before the Everton game, Mikel Arteta said in his press conference: “The fans have to express, that is their right and they have to do it freely.

“For me, what it shows is the power and the capacity when they show that determination and passion to achieve what they want.

“If we can use this with our fans to support the team, I think that will be incredibly powerful and it will make us much, much stronger.

“So it’s time to leave them to express themselves and now, somehow, we have to engage them again, get them closer to us and believing in what we do. If we do that, we’ll be in a much better place.”

The Arsenal supporters have decided to protest in front of the Emirates Stadium before the Gunners’ game against Everton starts as they look to get Stan Kroenke out of the club after the Super League fiasco.

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