Resignations drop, Super League falls apart, Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester City, Manchester United withdraw

The Super League fell apart on Tuesday night as Chelsea, Manchester City, Manchester United and Arsenal all reportedly withdrew while there were resignations at United and possibly Juventus from the new Super League fall out.

Latest updates below as news breaks…

Less than 48 hours after it was announced, the Super League changed to a straight knock-out competition as teams started to realise the error of their ways

Chelsea and Manchester City were the first to decide they weren’t going to bother because everybody on the planet, except the 12 owners, all hate the idea.

The move to breakaway and form a new Super League was met with universal condemnation with even governments getting involved, although quite how many of their suggestions would have held up in court we will never know.

Manchester United were the third English side to withdraw,

Ed Woodward also resigned

And then Arsenal, finally, came fourth:

Meanwhile, Andrea Agnelli has possibly resigned at Juventus:

Super League funniest tweet:

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