Arsene Wenger: I’m not surprised Super League didn’t last long

Arsene Wenger has said he knew the Super League would fail because they ignored the ‘basic principles of sporting merit’.

Arsene Wenger knows that a Super League is inevitable, unless there are major changes in the game. But the great man also knew that the 12 wealth hoarders, who wanted to ringfence their earnings, had made a fatal mistake in their plans to steal football – they removed the one thing that makes sport, sport – sporting merit.

“I’m not surprised it didn’t last long,” Arsene Wenger told beIN as news continued to break that the Super League was collapsing, forcing resignations at the offending clubs.

“I never believed from the start it would happen. It ignored the basic principles of sporting merit. If you ignore that you kill the domestic leagues, so fans would never accept that. Rightly so.”

There have so far been no official statements from any of the clubs involved but the news is being reported in enough media outlets and countries around Europe that it seems the whole thing has indeed collapsed in on itself less than 48 hours after it was revealed to the world.

As things stand, Jose Mourinho is in line to be the only manager ever sacked in the Super League.

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