Stan Kroenke wants to make Arsenal ‘biggest team in the world’ with European Super League participation

According to the BBC, Stan Kroenke has been one of the biggest supporters of the proposed European Super League, which will change football as we know it.

Kroenke is believed to be one of the front-runners behind this new league. He was reportedly Florentino Perez’s ‘best mate’ in pushing for these reforms.

Real Madrid president, Florentino Perez, is a key player in pushing for these new reforms and Kroenke was reportedly his ‘best mate’ in doing that.

The BBC understands that by doing this, Kroenke wants to make Arsenal the ‘biggest team in the world’. Click here to know more about the European Super League and what it could be like.

However, these proposals have received a lot of backlash, with the UEFA and Premier League threatening to ban the clubs from other competitions.

The UEFA and top leagues in Europe have all condemned the proposed reforms. Arsenal are among the five PL clubs to have signed for the new tournament.

The Premier League has issued the following statement after the news broke of five clubs signing up for the European Super League – which includes Arsenal.

The statement makes it clear that this won’t be tolerated and the UEFA’s press release worsen things:

One of the biggest points in the release above is that the participating clubs could be banned from playing in the domestic leagues – which is a huge hit for those interested.

The proposal has been submitted to replace the Champions League with what could potentially be a separate ‘power’ league of its own.

It could potentially mean the Gunners being banned from the Premier League if we continue to push for the new reforms – which could change the game as we know it.

Source: Premier League, UEFA


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