Ex-Arsenal manager Wenger predicts ‘robo-linesman’ will officiate at 2022 World Cup

Former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger believes “robo-linesmen” will be making offside decisions at the 2022 World Cup.

Wenger is now the head of global football development at FIFA, and is working on revamping certain aspects of the game.

The Frenchman is an admirer of the plan to have “semi automated offside” calls using cameras that immediately tell the assistant referee whether a player is on or offside.

Wenger told FIFA’s Living Football podcast: “At the moment we have situations where the players’ positions have lines drawn to see if they are offside or not.

“The average time we have to wait for a decision is around 70 seconds, sometimes 1min 20secs, sometimes a little bit longer when the situation is very difficult to appreciate.

“But with this system, there is an automatic signal to the linesman, via a watch he wears with a red light to tell him if it is offside or not.

“The semi-automated goes first to the VAR who signals it to the linesman.

“I’m pushing very hard to have the automated offsides, which means straight away the signal goes to the linesman and I think it will be ready for 2022.

“We see many celebrations are cancelled after that for marginal situations and that’s why I believe it is a very important step.”

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