2 Arsenal players undergo scans after suffering injuries

James Olayinka and Zech Medley added to Arsenal’s growing injury list on their respective loan spells in the last few days.

James Olayinka only recently returned from ankle ligament damage for Southend United, but he’s already back on the treatment table after picking up a groin issue.

Olayinka missed Southend’s match against Carlisle United at the weekend, and his manager Mark Molesley confirmed he’s returned to Arsenal for further examination.

“James Olayinka has gone back to Arsenal and had a scan,” said Molesley. “Unfortunately he’s picked up a bit of a groin problem and it’s been an ongoing problem for him all season really.

“He had injections before he came back to us but it flared up again on Thursday which is disappointing. But we’ll find out more about that over the coming days.”

Meanwhile, Zech Medley had to come off early in his appearance for Kilmarnock after a clash of heads. There’s not only the risk of concussion, but the player also required an x-ray after the game.

“Zech Medley’s a concern,” Kilmarnock manager Tommy Wright said after the game. “He had suspected concussion and he’s also getting an x-ray on his cheekbone.”

For both players, we’re going to have to wait for the results of their tests to find out exactly how serious the problems are. It’s certainly a shame, as the two of them are playing regularly during their current loan spells when they are fit.

Olayinka has scored some key goals for Southend in their fight against relegation, whilst Medley is receiving positive reviews from the Kilmarnock supporters. We can only hope they’re back on the pitch as soon as possible now.

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