Lucas Torreira in talks with Boca Juniors about return to South America

Lucas Torreira is reportedly in talks with Boca Juniors about a return to South America this summer.

Lucas Torreira returned home to Uruguay last week as his mother was admitted to intensive care with Covid-19. As a new wave hits the country which had, until recently, dealt well the pandemic, Torreira’s mum sadly passed away.That hasn’t stopped rumours circulating around his future with journalist, Martin Costa, claiming that Boca Juniors are in negotiations to sign the midfielder.

Torreira’s loan with Atletico Madrid has not gone as well as all the parties involved would have liked. The 25-year-old has played only 629 minutes all season across all competitions.

“Torreira is not playing for Atlético Madrid, he has to return to Arsenal where he has a contract until 2023”, Martin Costa said on TNT Sports Argentina as he explained why it could be a viable signing for Boca Juniors, who reportedly see Torreira as a ‘star signing’.

report from Spain also claims that the Argentine club are trying to use Torreira’s ‘complicated’ personal situation’ to try and convince him to return to South America.

It would seem a long shot, but as the world changes, Torreira might just feel like he needs to be closer to home. That being said, the report from Spain also adds, “Boca Juniors is in search of a first-rate international signing to be able to compete against the great teams of South America for the Libertadores title but, at this moment, Lucas Torreira does not seem to be the best option to boost their squad.

“The Uruguayan is a defensive footballer who stands out for his ability to correct in different game situations. The problem is that Boca Juniors needs an attacker due to Eduardo Salvio’s injury and Torreira does not seem to be that piece that enhances Miguel Ángel Russo’s team at an offensive level.

“The information places the Uruguayan on Boca Juniors’ list of goals but it does not seem like a logical signing for the second part of the season.”

In 2020, Torreira said about Boca Juniors, “This love for Boca was born many years ago. We are a very soccer family and Uruguayans consume a lot from Argentina, we watch that football a lot and I have been passionate about Boca from a very young age, I like the Boca world.”

“In normal situations Boca would not have thought of players like Torreira or Cavani, it will depend on them,” said Diego Monroig, a journalist who follows Boca’s day-to-day life for F90.

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