The Great Debate: What is the best goal in Premier League history?

To put it mildly, Erik Lamela had a mixed Sunday afternoon. But he did at least kick it off with a goal that had people asking if it was the best the Premier League has ever seen.

We definitely aren’t sure about that.

But what is the best goal in Premier League history?

Angelina Kelly

The 2001/02 season was a good one for Arsenal that saw them win the double, but it will also be remembered as the season that Dennis Bergkamp scored that amazing goal against Newcastle.

The Dutchman’s ability to touch and turn around defender Nikos Dabizas was totally effortless as the ball headed straight for that right-hand corner. It was cool, calm and collected, making it all the more impressive.

Phil Costa

This comes through gritted teeth as it was scored against my beloved Arsenal, but I love this goal from Michael Essien.

You instantly think ‘Row Z’ when he’s running up to the ball and of course he finds the top corner with unbelievable technique.

The swerve, the distance, the despairing dive from Jens Lehman – it’s peak Barclays.

Lewis Ambrose

I’m going to be partisan on this one, seeing as Phil wasn’t. Unfortunately I saw Angelina had already taken up  the correct answer, so here’s the second best goal in Premier League history. From Titi Henry himself.

Alex Mott

The best goal in Premier League is one that defies logic, one that came out of nowhere from a pretty average striker in a team that consistently performed above itself.

2011/12 was a perfect storm for Newcastle as they finished in fifth place under Alan Pardew – with their crowning moment coming at Stamford Bridge with this Papiss Cissé goal.

Joel Sanderson-Murray

(Gunner Talk’s choice)

Yeah, individual goals can look pretty but I’m only here for the team goals.

And Jack Wilshere’s goal for Arsenal against Norwich in 2014 was the ultimate team goal. Beautiful.

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