Arteta on the NLD, winning 5-2, and Arsenal improving

Arsenal haven’t had much time to relax. After winning against Olympiacos on Thursday night, attention has very quickly turned to Sunday’s north London derby against Tottenham.

The importance of the North London Derby

And Mikel Arteta has plenty to say …

On Thursday’s win

“I said I was really happy with the result and the performance, apart from the goal that we gave them so I was really happy with the performance, the personality we showed away from home against this type of team and the way that we dominated the game.”

On Arsenal improving

“What we’ve found since Christmas is a level of consistency in our performances. The better the performances, the results are going to be a result of that in the majority of the game. But only if you don’t commit big errors in the games.”

On beating Spurs 5-2 as a player

“I played in some magnificent ones because we won some beautiful games against them. The most important one was probably at the Emirates when we made a huge comeback after going down. I remember the atmosphere that day was rocking and just feeling that the fans were so happy was emotional.”

On losing the last derby

“The last game, we started really well, we were dominant and the first time they went over the halfway line they scored.

“That’s the quality, they are a well-organised team, a big threat in every counter-attack situation, great individuals skills and great organisation. You can see the team fights and believes absolutely in what the manager’s ideas are, so it will be a really tough game. ”

On the threat Tottenham pose

“Very difficult because the level of quality, precision, understanding and chemistry they have between them makes them probably one of the most dangerous teams in Europe.

“They don’t need much. They are able to create their own chances, they are able to link as a team. So it’s really difficult to do that, but we’ll prepare the game well to try to stop them, obviously.”

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