John Barnes delivers a brutal assessment of Hector Bellerin

After ten years at Arsenal, Bellerin might ask for a move away at the end of this season with a new report claiming that the Spaniard has an agreement to leave with Mikel Arteta.

He hasn’t been in his best form for the last few seasons and has constantly been criticized for his performances.

Barnes has been unimpressed that he is talking about his career in the middle of a season that Arsenal is struggling in.

The former Liverpool man claims he wouldn’t want a player like Bellerin in his club because he is more focused on his next career move instead of helping the team get back to form.

He adds that moving to PSG might see him spend the rest of his career on the bench because he isn’t good enough to start for the French side.

‘I wouldn’t want a player like Bellerin at my club, if your team isn’t performing well, you want players who want to help the team perform better not ones who talk about leaving mid-season when the team is going through a rough patch,’ Barnes said as quoted by Mail Sport.

He owes more to Arsenal than to do that. If he doesn’t want to spend the best years of his career on the bench, then moving to PSG doesn’t make sense because they have a higher average standard of defender. 

‘If he can’t always consistently start at Arsenal over the last few years, then he won’t be able to start at PSG.’

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