Bournemouth midfielder Wilshere: My biggest regret at Arsenal…

Bournemouth midfielder Jack Wilshere has admitted regrets while with Arsenal.

Wilshere is only 29 and reflects on his 34 caps with pride and regret. His talent was never in doubt – just his fitness.

He told the Daily Mail: “I remember having conversations with the physios in my first year in the Arsenal team. They were like: ‘Look, you’re playing a lot…’ I told them: ‘I want to play.’

“I was living the dream. I was 19, playing for Arsenal. We were challenging for the Premier League, in the Champions League. No one was going to tell me I needed a rest. That’s one of my biggest regrets – I wish I’d listened to physios a little more, learned more about my body.

“He has also regretted not listening to physios and learned more about his body growing up

“Now everyone wears a GPS. You’re looked after. That wasn’t around when I was younger. I’ve heard many people over the years say I attract the challenge. That’s my game – get the player close, do a one-two, dribble around. I still try to play like that.

“But if I could go back and change one thing, it would be to manage the games, manage myself better and listen to the physios more. It’s easy to say now.”

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