Arsenal manager Arteta pours praise on Odegaard

Skill, leadership, personality…

It’s safe to say Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has been impressed with Martin Odegaard since his arrival from Real Madrid.

The Norwegian, who is only on loan at Arsenal until the end of the season, made his first Premier League start in the win over Leeds United on Sunday.

And it seems Arteta would like to keep the 22-year-old beyond this season after praising not only his ability on the pitch, but also his leadership skills and attitude in training.

“I followed him very closely when he was at Real Sociedad and he had a lot of opportunities and he was really impressive over there for long periods,” Arteta said.

“He had a really successful season over there and that’s one of the reasons why I was so convinced that he’s a player for us. He’s a player that I really like and as you say, still has huge potential to become even better.

“He’s a really focused and humble boy that was really keen to join, but he just wants to play football in the right way and then he said some really good things. He’s a really nice guy, the players like him, the staff like him, he’s easy going, a really hard worker, and I’ve been very impressed with his leadership.

“He looks a little bit calm but on the pitch he’s got something about him. I’ve been really impressed with him. It’s how he talks to his teammates and how he, for example, commands the high press.

“Then the personality that he brings and shows every time the opponent comes towards him he still wants the ball in the right areas. His decision making is really good and he’s a really intelligent player.

“It’s how he talks to his team-mates, how he commands the high press and then the personality he shows. Every time the opponent comes after him, he still shows for the ball in the right areas. His decision making is really good and he’s a really intelligent player.”

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