1 word: What Aaron Ramsey said about signing for Tottenham

There has been gossip recently that Juventus could be about to sell Aaron Ramsey and that Tottenham are the main suitors chasing his signature, but could the former Arsenal man really turn up in N17?

Ever since Aaron Ramsey left Arsenal in 2019 on a free transfer for Juventus he has been linked with a move away from the Italians.

As early as October 2019 there were articles in the Italian media questioning Juventus’s decision to buy Ramsey and they hasn’t died down since.

Now, as we approach summer, there is growing talk that Tottenham and Jose Mourinho would quite like to get their hands on him. That story was around last summer and nothing came of it, but it seems to be back.

Aaron Ramsey’s first season in Turin was marked by injury, as you might expect. His Arsenal career had come to an end while he was sidelined with a hamstring problem but while he missed 10 games in his final season at Arsenal he only missed nine in his first season with Juve. That he was unfit when he turned up probably didn’t do his cause any good.

Three further muscular problems in 20/21 have seen him miss another six. At Arsenal, he rarely missed only a game or two when he picked up a problem.

At the time of writing, Aaron Ramsey has made 55 appearances for Juventus, scoring six and assisting four with an average game time of 45 minutes. Extrapolate that out and Ramsey has played just 22-and-a-half full matches since he left Arsenal.

He has another two years remaining on his contract and is currently valued at £18m.

Aaron Ramsey on Tottenham

Aaron Ramsey doesn’t really say much of note and unless it’s about rhinos it often seems hard to get him animated anything.

He was asked before, however, if he would sign for Tottenham as he approached the end of his contract and his answer was definitive.

‘No,’ was his reply in October, 2018, eight months before he left the club and at the end of an article about his future and possibly moving abroad.

Of course, things change, but Ramsey is the type of player you could trust to stick to his word. He wouldn’t go on loan to Swansea as a Cardiff boy so it seems highly unlikely he would head to Spurs as a former Arsenal star.

Why did Aaron Ramsey leave Arsenal for Juventus?

At the end of 2019, Arsène Wenger said Aaron Ramsey was keen to stay at Arsenal and had an agreement to do so, but the club went back on it.

Ramsey left for Juventus in the summer of 2019 after running down his contract with Arsenal.

There was a lot of speculation about exactly why he’d done so though, with some suggestion that Arsenal had simply decided against extending his contract.

There were reports his agent was more than a bit frustrating and that Arsenal withdrew the contract because Unai Emery decided against it. Even Ramsey himself was confused.

Now, he’s apparently up for sale and there is a lot of talk about whether or not Arsenal should re-sign him, spreading a lot of misinformation along with the gossip, which is no help for those interested in teaser bets.

Speaking to beIN SPORTS in his duties as a pundit at the end of last year, Arsène Wenger explained his view on Ramsey’s departure.

“I met (with) him once, he wanted to stay at Arsenal,” Wenger said. “They had an agreement and the club came back on that, from what I understood. I tried a long time to extend his contract, but sometimes there are influences of agents as well.

“Every case is different. You have to understand in decision-making it’s always who is influential…What I know from him, he was keen to stay.”

It’s worth noting that Wenger mentioned Ramsey’s agent. He apparently profited to the tune of €9m for getting the Welshman to Juventus for free given and was also a key talking point throughout the process. It’s possible the agency made some kind of demand that convinced Arsenal to pull out, though that’s just speculation.

Obviously, Wenger was only with Arsenal for the early part of the decision-making process. The Frenchman left the club a year before Ramsey did, and it seems the call was made later that year, so it is possible there’s more to it than the former Gunners boss knows.

All the same, you’d imagine Wenger would have spoken to Ramsey about the move at some stage, and he clearly spoke to him a lot before leaving, so there aren’t many more reliable sources of information on what happened.

Aaron Ramsey joined the club in 2008 as a 17-year-old, and he scored 64 goals from midfield over the following 11 years for Arsenal.

That included a couple of cup-final winners, goals against Liverpool, Manchester United, Chelsea, Manchester City and especially Tottenham Hotspur, as well as some stunning efforts in European competition.

You can watch every goal he scored for Arsenal in just 140 seconds in the video

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