Transfer Tattle – Lopez, Mignolet & Ba

Written by Filip Urbanio.


By Filip Urbanio

Hello Gooners,


We are in the middle of another rollercoaster season for Arsenal. From the lowest lows to the highest heights in a couple of weeks. Our recent form is good but we still have loads of things to improve. Mainly our defending which sometimes seems so silly, not good enough for Arsenal.


Wenger made all of us very happy when he extended the contracts of Jenkinson, Ramsey, Wilshere, Gibbs and Chamberlain. Mainly Jack Wilshere makes you believe that players like Adams still exist. His recent performances were great and he said there is still more to come.  


It feels so great to see Walcott doing so well upfront as a CF, his preferred positon. On the other hand it hurts to think about him leaving. Thanking to the fans after his hat-trick against Newcastle was propably the most worrying sign we have recently seen or read. Why would he want to leave? He seems to be so happy at the moment playing for Arsenal. If the only problem is his wage I would be very disappointed. He wants to play as a CF and managers of other clubs know it well. It seems so easy just to give him extra 10k or 15k a week more than Arsenal plus an assurance he can play as CF and he is gone. That would break my heart if that really happened. Henry will propably talk to him but it depends whether he wants to a be a legend at Arsenal or thinks that grass is greener elsewhere.  THEO SIGN DA TING!



Name: Adrián López (Adrián López Álvarez)

Age: 24

Place of birth: Teverga, Spain

Height: 1.80 m(5 ft 11 in)

Weight: 74 kg

Position: Striker / Winger

Current club: Atlético Madrid

Estimated cost: ??

YouTube clips: Link

Article where linked: Link

Likelihood: 5 %

Do we want him? Adrian Lopez seems like an ideal replacement for Theo Walcott. He is a player with great vision and pace. To be honest I don´t know this player well apart from him being a quality winger. Cazorla might help to seal the deal together with  our other Spaniard Arteta. In my opinion a possible deal depends only on Walcott´s stay or departure.





Name: Simon Mignolet

Age: 24

Place of birth: Sint-Truiden, Belgium

Height: 1.90 m(6 ft 3 in)

Weight: 87 kg

Position: Goalkeeper

Current club: Sunderland FC

Estimated cost: £5-8m.

YouTube clips: Link

Article where linked: Link

Likelihood: 10 %

Do we want him? Simon Mignolet seems like a great future prospect with some impressive saves he has made this season. I remember him well from the matches against Arsenal, he always has a good game against us. Sunderland are doing well and he is a big part of their “success“ this season.

Vito Mannone had a relatively high number of opportunities and the beginning of the season but his position at the club hasn´t been improved. Lukas Fabianski seems to be free to leave the club in January. Even though he has made so many mistakes I wish him all the best in his career together with Vito, who will probably follow him. Damien Martinez will be promoted to the 1st team as a no.3. We all know that Wojciech Szczesny is just too young to have such a strong no.1 postition at the club. He needs another quality goalkeeper to compete with and Mignolet is a great option from my point of view.  


Name: Demba Ba

Age: 27

Place of birth: Sévres, France

Height: 1.89 m(6 ft 2 in)

Weight: 84.7 kg

Position: Striker

Current club: Newcastle United

Estimated cost: £7.5m

YouTube clips: Link

Article where linked: Link

Likelihood: 35 %

Do we want him? YES! As we all could see, in a 7-3 victory over Newcastle, Demba Ba is a strong CF with a great positioning and physical presence that our squad sometimes lacks. Gibbs made it a lot easier for him to score twice but he just showed a bit of his magic.

Wenger is criticized for not playing 4-4-2 instead of 4-3-3 all the time but at the moment we don´t have another quality CF to cooperate with Giroud. A player like Ba would help us against deep defending teams by taking down crosses and by his physical side infront of goal.



...and some more TT:


Thierry Henry is training with the team and we can only Wenger can reach an agreement with NYRB. I would love to see Henry play once again!

• Clubs might make a move for Walcott in January together with Man Utd, Liverpool and Chelsea. Link

• Chamakh is wanted by Inter Milan. Link

• Huntelaar´s case is closed. He signed a new contract with Schalke 04 until 2015.


I wish all the members of our great GunnerTalk family the best of luck and health in an upcoming year 2013!


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