Written by George Sezer.


I can only describe start of this season as frustrating.

Frustrating that we are still not able to shake off this everlasting injury curse which has been haunting us for many seasons.

Frustrating that we almost are a team capable of achieving great things but for missing a top class DM …or two.

Frustrating that we seem to give our opponents a ‘stupid goal’ start in almost every game we played this season.

Arsenal 2 - 2 Manchester City

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What a game it was at the weekend! I thoroughly enjoyed watching the game as a football fan albeit it was a game we should have won having gone 2 -1 up with 16 minutes to go, after being 1 -0 down to a sucker punch goal in the 28th minute. At the same time we could have easily lost the game after that.


Written by George Sezer.

Seventeen is one of my favourite numbers. Both my kids were born on the 17th thanks to my x-wife. She was so perfect she only gave birth on the 17th and looks like me being born on the 16th just wasn’t good enough for her^^.

Everton 2 – 2 Arsenal

Written by George Sezer.

Whoever tweeted “Away to Everton, sandwiched in CL qualifier ties, 0-2 down halftime, dodgy refereeing, 2-2 draw feels like a win. #afc #COY “, described how I felt at the final whistle.

Thoughts Ahead Of The Everton Match

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The newly begun EPL campaign continues this weekend for the Gunners as they take on Everton at Goodison Park on Saturday. Fresh off a flawed but thrilling opener against Crystal Palace, Arsenal is looking to sharpen its play against an opponent that has provided some difficulties in recent meetings. Here are a few thoughts ahead of Saturday's match.

Besiktas 0 – 0 Arsenal

Written by George Sezer.

A goalless draw, away in the Champions League is not a bad result. Given the fact that Besiktas had already beaten Feyenoord in the previous round and were on a high, makes last night’s result even more decent than many critics suggest.
The game itself was a wakeup call for many of us, showing that this Arsenal squad still need improving if we were to challenge for major trophies this season. It also highlighted the problem areas that still need to be addressed.