Besiktas 0 – 0 Arsenal

Written by George Sezer.

A goalless draw, away in the Champions League is not a bad result. Given the fact that Besiktas had already beaten Feyenoord in the previous round and were on a high, makes last night’s result even more decent than many critics suggest.
The game itself was a wakeup call for many of us, showing that this Arsenal squad still need improving if we were to challenge for major trophies this season. It also highlighted the problem areas that still need to be addressed.

Arsenal 2 – 1 Crystal Palace

Written by George Sezer.

After the final whistle confirming that we had won our 1st game of the season for the first time in 5 years, all so called Sky pundits and commentators wanted to talk about was how unlucky Crystal Palace were to lose after playing so brilliantly.
Unlucky?!... LMFAO
How can a team be unlucky to lose a game when they only had 22% possession of the ball and in those rare occasions Crystal Palace Players had the ball they could only master 58% passing accuracy with it, only 5 of them being in our half? 

Here We Go!

Written by George Sezer.

Here we go!
Serious contenders? …  Of course we are and this empathic win against the reigning champions Manchester City in the Community Shield has got nothing to do with it. It is the lack of deadwood in our current squad, which was our Achilles heel for the last few seasons.  
I sometimes have to pinch myself to make sure, staring at the list of playing members in our squad this season is not just just a figment of my imagination. It’s a far cry from the days when our 1st and 2nd choice goal keepers were Almunia and Fabianski respectively. Now, not even this season’s signing Ospina who is a top class GK, is guaranteed first team football, improvement in epic proportions in that department.

The Beginning

Written by Landry Subira.

Don’t worry, I know, the irony is not lost on me; all we needed was another Arsenal blogger. I used to blog much more often a few years ago but there are too many out there. I figured I’d watch and blog once in a while but I just haven’t gotten around to it. Now I feel is the time. I’d like to start with a little anecdote.

I’m 26 years old now and about 8 years ago I came to University to try to become a lawyer. I finished my secondary school in 2005 and since then I have completed a Bachelors Degree in Politics and will complete my second in law this June. It has really been a struggle and I’ve grown up a lot in this time. At times I can hardly believe it has taken so long and I have my fair share of regrets, especially 

A letter to Arsenal FC

Written by Administrator.

(Grant Temple posted to Arsenal Football Club on FB)
I am a 21 year old American that is fan of Arsenal and have played soccer (football) my entire life, I have followed the club tirelessly for the past ten years of my life.
Admittedly, I do not know all the ins and outs of the club as it is not covered in the media from where I am from. All I know is from the games I watch and the intense research that I do to follow and support the club.
My dream is to make it to the Emirates stadium and see the club I love play 

Nowhere to hide this time, Arsene

Written by Landry Subira.

By Landry Subira
I write to you from my living room couch with the 2-2 against Napoli playing in the background.  There was a lot of good in the match mixed in with the bad. The good included seeing a fully fit Jack Wilshere and an excellent Koscielny.  The rest was seen for what it was, a team that is a way away from match fit. Let’s not kid ourselves in the least; this is the strongest we’ve been entering a season in a while.  As I write this there are smattering that we may have signed a 19 year old German defensive mid from Freiburg. We will have to wait and see if this is true or not.  Makes sense that we would get an understudy to Arteta and cover for centre back as well.
It’s a funny time to blog; I cannot tell you if the summer has been a mistake, a success or a bit in the middle. What I can say is from the behaviour of the fans from the game yesterday, there is not much patience out there. People are quite tense and I must admit that I am one of them, even though I am quite the optimist. There are a few reasons why I think we will get signings for the team.
The major reason I think we will get signings is that I do not believe Arsene thinks he is untouchable

Ivan Gazidis and the Q&A for supporter's groups

Written by Administrator.



Q: Where are you at in terms of contract talks with Arsene?


IG: "What I really don't want to do is have a public discussion about Arsene's contractual position. That would be a daily, weekly fixture on the public coverage if you start getting into that. What I will say is that we think we have got a fantastic manager. We hope that he wants to do what he is doing for the long term. I believe he does. I think he is still ambitious, still driven and sees the potential of the club as he looks forward and I think he is very excited by that. We have a great relationship and he has a great relationship with the board as well. So, quietly and at the right time I think we will make an announcement on that when things are all put in place."


Q: Have you made him an offer yet?

IG: "I don't want to get into that level because then it'll be: 'you've made him an offer' then the next question will be 'well, what did he say?' and so on. This is going to happen very quietly behind closed doors, privately and then there will be an announcement."


Q: Can you tell us whether you have you even discussed it yet?

IG: "I don't even want to say that. We have got a lot of confidence in Arsene that he is the right person to take the club forward and I think he will want to do that."


Q: Will any uncertainty over the manager's long term future affect the club's ability to attract players?

IG: "I think players that are concerned about uncertainty probably