Arsenal next captain: Who’s most qualified to lead the team in your the next phase?

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Per Matersacker will be retiring at the end of this season to join the youth system at the club as a coach. The 33-year-old world cup winner has been the captain of Arsenal since the departure of Mikel Arteta three seasons ago.

His leadership quality both on and off the field has been one of the best Arsenal have had in recent time. He commands the respect of everyone at the club despite his demeanor of being a quiet leader. It’s time to pass the baton of leadership to another player and lots of names have been bandied around the captaincy armband.

With little playing time recently, Loreint Koscielny has deputized for the big German and he is always going to be number one in contention to take his place. His leadership quality has also been very good although there have been time when more has been expected of him that he shows on and off the pitch.

At 32, he is at his prime and will be a good option for the club in a short time same as Nacho Monreal, 31, who has shown exceptional qualities of leadership. Both are likely to be the first choice in terms of possible candidate for next season.

There have however been another section of the fans who believe that the mantle of leadership has to fall to either Jack Wilshere or Aaron Ramsey. Both are younger and represent what the club stands for. This is a valid argument as both Ramsey, 27 and Wilshere, 26 seems players that will play for the club on the long term.

Both have a contract expiring soon but it likely they get a new contract before the summer. Then the question is between both, who’s most suitable to be the next captain at Arsenal?

Jack Wilshere is a player that has played through the ranks at Arsenal and love the club with his heart. He represents the academy graduate club and English through and through. The way he plays on the pitch and leadership quality has not been visible that much but whenever he plays; his quality has never been doubted.

His Achilles heel to the captaincy is his fitness concern. If he can sort this out he has a good stake at the armband.

Aaron Ramsey joined Arsenal in 2008 from Cardiff as a 17-year -old boy and has gone on to cement his place in the heart of many Arsenal faithful. After becoming the 20th player to score hat-trick for the North London club against Everton on Saturday with so many football lovers won some decent cash and same can happen to you so click here for more details, the talk about him becoming the club captain has been reignited.

After his return from his horrible leg break in 2009, he has been an important and integral member of Arsenal squad, scoring in two of the three FA cup finals. He was one reason the club ended it’s trophy drought in 2014. He has been there for the club and doesn’t look like he will leave anytime soon. He looks a perfect fit for the task ahead.

Depending on what the club decides to do, short term captain or a long term captain, this will be a key factor if it will go to Wilshere/Ramsey or Koscielny/Monreal. Whichever way, the club is about to make a decision on who will lift it’s next premier league title.

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