Using free bets for matched bets on Arsenal

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Arsenal appeared live more times than any other Premier League team in 2015-16 and it looks like being a similar story this season with the Gunners having been screened live 13 times so far, not counting their Champions League exploits.

Bookies have latched onto The Arsenal’s exposure to entice people to sign up for betting accounts. Companies like Betfair, Coral and Paddy Power offer crazy prices for Arsenal to win their televised games – Coral offered 25/1 for Arsenal win a corner at Bournemouth in January!

The odds are really tempting as it appears to be easy money but the offers come with a catch. The winnings are paid in free bets so you are pushed into having another bet where you’re left at the mercy of lady luck.

However, there is a way of using free bets for matched bets which converts them into cash. You can guarantee making a profit from these and more conventional sign up offers like Bet £10 Get £30 free bets. Websites like have special web tools that find suitable bets and work out the stakes to guarantee a profit from betting offers. It may seem too good to be true but matched betting has been featured on The Guardian and Telegraph websites where it has been proven to work and Martin Lewis has dedicated a sub-forum to matched betting on his Money Saving Expert website.

It’s an ingenious method and fairly simple for anyone who understands the basics of betting and betting exchanges. For the uninitiated, subscriptions services provide video tuition and step-by-step guides which makes matched betting accessible to anyone eligible to open a betting account in the UK.

People can make around £1000 from sign up offers alone but bookmakers are constantly pushing promotions which matched bettors are profiting from and they can regular make anything from £500 per month for a few hours effort each week or up to £2000 per month for those who are highly dedicated.

The principle of matched betting is to qualify for a free bet and use the free bet to lock in a guaranteed profit from the offer. This is done by backing a selection to win with the bookmaker and backing the same selection to lose on a betting exchange. Whatever the result, you will either win with the bookmaker or win on the betting exchange.  As long as you back them at the same odds both bets cancel each other out and you are left with a free bet.

Once you have the free bet, you can use a similar method to lock in a profit. Because you don’t pay for the free bet, you place a smaller stake on the betting exchange which means you’ll make a profit regardless of the result. Use a matched betting calculator to work out the ideal stake to place on the betting exchange and you can guarantee to make the same profit either way.

Because betting exchanges charge commission on winning bets, it will usually cost a few pence to qualify for the free bet but this is offset by the amount you can keep from the free bet. As a conservative guide, it might cost 5% of the bet stake to qualify for a free bet and you can expect to make about 80% of the free bet stake as profit. In the example of the Bet £10 get £30 free bet offer, it will typically cost 50p to earn the free bet from which you should earn £24.

The key is find closely matched odds on the betting exchange and having access to a matched betting calculator to work out the exchange stakes. Matched betting is so lucrative, thousands of people are subscribing to paid services as a means to earn extra, tax-free, income or to save for a special occasion.

It’s an ideal way to fund your Arsenal season ticket or pay for away days around the country and Europe.

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