Arsenal 1 – 0 Norwich

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Arsenal’s stale end of season form continued against Norwich on Saturday. The biggest positive to come out of this game was the result which we desperately needed to finish in the top four and the clean sheet thanks to Petr Chech.

The biggest worry was Alexis Sanchez’s form and his attitude when he was rightly taken off towards the end of the game. I also think Giroud needs to go back to basics and push reset button as he has desperately lost his self-confidence.

Despite the few protests by a handful ‘time for a change’ supporters, the Arsenal fans showed that there is still great support for Arsene Wenger to carry on as the man at the helm for the foreseeable future.

My stance on this is somewhere in between; I would prefer Arsene to stay on if only he changes his way of thinking and show this in the upcoming summer transfer window. If not I think he should see out his last year of his contract and move upstairs.

He has to buy big; when I say big I am talking about seriously big World Class names, not some unknown decent players who just may step up to the task. He has to buy at least 2 or 3 top players in crucial positions.

Only then Arsenal supporters will not feel as they have been taken as fools.

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