West Ham 3 – 3 Arsenal

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Working at the weekends is over and Gunner Talk Players Rating Blog is back! But…

Straight into moaning today:

Losing a 2 goal lead in a must win game is bad enough but not being surprised by it is even worse. To rub salt into our wounds was to watch both teams above us in the league win yesterday.

What possessed Arsene Wenger not to play our fit again, first choice goalkeeper Petr Chec, who is 6’.6” and dominates the 18 yard area much better than Ospina, against a team which includes Andy Carroll in their squad is anybody’s guess.

Playing Alexis Sanchez who is not exactly a defensive minded, tracking back kind of a player on the right against one of the best left backs in the league who’s a specialist in putting great crosses into the box was not exactly a masterstroke neither.

Andy Carroll is the most dangerous player in the Premier League if not in Europe when it comes to aerial duels, Arsenal had one of the tallest center backs in the League sitting on the bench who is the best we have when it comes to combating high balls and crosses.

Andy Carroll – as good as they come when the ball is in the air. Solution: Play your second choice GK and let one of the best GK in the World, who is very good in dominating his area sit on the bench and for a good measure don’t play your tallest defender.

Aaron Cresswell – One of the best left backs in the division who possesses a great ability to whip crosses in with that left peg of his and is the main supplier of crosses for Andy Carroll. Solution: Play Alexis Sanchez on the right.

What were you thinking Arsene?

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