Interlull = Transfer Speculation: Full backs edition

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Step right up, step right up. It’s the Interlull and without football your life is empty, meaningless and shallow, right?

Well, it doesn’t have to be because instead of football we have increased transfer speculation. That’s the real excitement here. Forgot beautiful goals, slick passing moves, skill and desire and all those other irrelevances, it’s who is going to buy another human being from who that really drives us.

bellerinelmundoAs ever there’s some Arsenal involvement. First up, Hector Bellerin.

This morning’s guff comes from El Mundo Deportivo, Catalan sport daily and a publication with more than a little history involving speculative guff about Arsenal players.

Their headline reads: If Alves goes, the objective of Barcelona is Bellerin.

However, the article itself is quite bonkers. It’s not the usual ‘Let’s unsettle an Arsenal player’ kinda thing, it links the young Spaniard with a move to almost every big club in Europe. They suggest the following clubs are interested in him:

  • Bayern Munich (they have ‘come to learn’ this)
  • Barcelona (obviously, he’s Catalan innit)
  • Manchester City (Guardiola)
  • Manchester United
  • Chelsea
  • PSG (because Serge Aurier is a lunatic)

And that’s only some of the big clubs that want him. They go on to say that Bellerin is in no rush because he’s happy at Arsenal and has signed a deal until 2019 (we think it’s 2020 actually, but our vision could be slightly off on this one).

Anyway, it’s a massive jumble of an article, and while the Bellerin – Barcelona connections are going to be dragged up over and over again, especially as they look to replace Alves, there’s not much in this article that should have Gooners worried.

We’re giving this one a solid 10 on the poo-o-meter.


Meanwhile, the Independent this morning link us with Portuguese left-back Raphael Guerreiro who currently plays for FC Lorient.

With Kieran Gibbs unhappy at being a peripheral figure this season and Nacho Monreal established as first choice, the England international is set to leave in the summer, and Arsenal will need a replacement.

Guerreiro is 22 and has made 27 Ligue 1 appearances for Lorient this season, scoring 3 goals, so it remains to be seen if he’s willing to play understudy for a little while. But certainly in terms of age and profile he fits the requirements if Gibbs does go.

As such, a decent 5 is in order.


More as the Interlull progresses no doubt.

Source: ArseNews

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