VIDEO: Alex Scott visits Arsenal’s football project in Iraq

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Since 2011, The Arsenal Foundation has worked with Save the Children to improve the lives of vulnerable young people across the world.

From educational programmes in Islington, Indonesia and China to disaster relief projects in East Africa, the Philippines, Nepal, Japan and Syria, the £1.5 million you’ve helped raise is giving hope to those who need it most.

In this BBC World video Arsenal Ladies star, Alex Scott, visits camps in Khanaqeen, Iraq where funds have been used to build two artificial football pitches for kids displaced by the ongoing conflict in the region.

As reporter Catrin Nye says, “Football is not going to bring these children their homes back, but it’s hoped it can bring them an escape.”

That’s a message Arseblog News wholeheartedly supports.

To learn more about Arsenal’s work with Save the Children, click here.  More information on Alex Scott’s visit to Iraq is available on the club’s official website. 

Source: ArseNews

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