Travelling Gooners target Kroenke with chant

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Arsenal’s travelling supporters directed their anger towards Stan Kroenke during stoppage time of the Gunners 2-0 win over Everton, chanting for the club’s American owner to sell up.

While few fans have ever been satisfied by the passive manner in which the 68-year-old has run the club since taking over in 2011, it’s rare that he’s ever targeted by such abuse during matches.

It would appear the reaction is linked with frustrations about Arsenal’s poor form, the debate over whether Arsene Wenger should remain at the helm at the end of the season and recent comments made by the American about why he bought the club in the first place.

The chant, ‘Fuck off Stan Kroenke, get out of our club’, was sung with gusto and followed by the display of another anti-Wenger banner which appeared to provoke scuffles between angry Arsenal fans.

On BT Sport, Ian Wright speculated on how anti-Wenger banners would resonate with the first team and why he feels the supporters are better off asking questions of Kroenke.

“When you’re going over there [to thank the fans] when you’ve just won 2-0 away from home at Everton, and you’ve won pretty well as well…yes, you’ve got the banners, but let the guys play, let Arsene do his stuff to the end of the season and then if you want start making your noises.

“The thing is, I still believe they should be directing their anger and criticism at Kroenke…at Dick Law, people like that. “What are you doing for Arsenal?” Those are the people who should be being asked the questions.

“Whatever you say about Wenger, he’s trying his best to get his team to do stuff. Sometimes they [the players] don’t react the way they should.

“The fans are split, I believe recently I’m starting to see more ‘Wenger outs’ than ‘ins’. That’s why it’s really important that the boys really have a blast until the end of the season and try and do and achieve something for a manager that has had a lot of faith in them. Then we’ll have to see how it goes in the summer.”

It’s not the first time ‘Silent Stan’ has been verbally abused in public. In February, a packed house watching the St Louis Blues repeatedly chanted, ‘Kroenke sucks’ after it was confirmed his NFL outfit, St Louis Rams, would be quitting the city to move to Los Angeles.


Story updated to address NHL error. Thanks for your comments/corrections.

Source: ArseNews

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