Monthly archives: November 2015


Norwich 1 – 1 Arsenal

  After a good start to the game Arsenal’s injury and November jinx struck. Is it bad luck or bad management? The easy answer to that would be a bit of both. If it is due to bad luck the obvious question would be; why take risk with an as important player as Alexis knowing that he has hamstring problems before the game? Which points towards bad management than bad luck in my opinion. Please follow and like us:


WBA 2 – 1 Arsenal

  A very bad day at the office for Arsenal. Not only the team looked sluggish after the international break but everything seemed to go against us, starting with an injury to Coquelin early in the first half. It can only be described as sod’s law as his replacement Arteta gave away a free kick which led to their equalizer. As that wasn’t bad enough he scored an own goal for their winner and rub salt into his and our wounds, he went off injured soon after the restart. Please follow and like us:


Arsenal 1 – 1 Tottenham

  After a confidence draining encounter with Bayern Munich in the midweek this was a game we needed our big players to come up with goods: Cazorla chose the wrong game to have one of his worst games for us. According to Wenger’s post-match interview he was feeling dizzy during the first half and had to be replaced during the break. My worry is that he played a similarly bad game in the midweek against Bayern Munich. Was he unwell that game too? Please follow and like us: