Arsenal 2-1 Everton

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I liked this win as much as the massive wins against Manchester United and Bayern Munich. Against Everton our team proved that we can win hard fought games, aftermath of a very demanding champions League game and without firing in all cylinders.

A top goal keeper and a defence playing as well as I have seen since the famous 5 days is the reason behind it. We deserved to win this game but could have easily dropped points if it wasn’t for the brilliant save from Chec at a very crucial stage of the game. I also don’t think that there are any better full backs in the premiership than Monreal and Bellerin and Koscielny is just a beast of a defender.

And there is this silky skilled with a vision of a dream footballer called Mesut Ozil! He is proving so many people wrong in a very convincing way. Some of the passes he produces somehow reminds me of the best player ever to play for Arsenal, although he was a striker, he had the same vision as Mesut when he dropped deep.

I am loving it!

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