Arsenal 3 – 0 Manchester United

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Now this is more like it! This is the Arsenal team we expect to see given the talent we have in our disposal.

Alexis is one in a billion, Ozil is World class, Cazorla is a gem and when these trio clicks it is a joy to watch our team play the football we all know they are capable of playing. Add a World class goal keeper and Theo playing the way he did in his new position to this equation, it is hard not to feel positive about this season’s Premier League competition. Also, who could have guessed a couple years ago that our regular full back pairing would be Bellerin and Monreal? For me there are no better fullbacks in the League. Monreal was excellent again today.

Although second half didn’t match the heights of the first, it was very good to see this Arsenal team knowing how to close down the win with a gritty performance after the break. We didn’t get carried away with the 1st half performance and became unfocused this time which was a big positive.

Importance of having a top goalkeeper was very evident when Chech made a brilliant save with his foot just before half time. Despite being totally dominant and 3 – 0 up, conceding a goal just before the break might have changed complexion of this game greatly. But hey, that’s why you pay £10 mil for a keeper; to play him in “must win” games so that you have more chances of winning them. ;).

More of the same please lads…


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