Alan Davies’ Chelsea Speech

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That Chelsea speech from Alan in full.

” Be advised this delusional personality disorder starts at the top. Of all the reprehensible scumbags masquerading as talented successful stars in their field,you have to start with abramovic. Now the billionaire with yachts and legit business interests and helicopters, the grim reality of the blood stained gold rush that was the break-up of the former USSR, the handing over of huge state utilities, of the right to print money, to oligarchs, to keep them out of western business hands. There are bodies buried make no mistake. But now he cruises clear in ugly legitimacy in needy London, where we’ll sell anything to any dubious foreign national, without asking what crimes or human rights violations they committed to amass their sickening wealth. Of course a man like that would hire a man like mourinho, a walking narcissistic personality disorder, and of course he would have the racist criminal Terry as his leader and the sociopathic violent thug as his centre forward and parade them as heroes in front of millions of impressionable children worldwide. It’s inevitable, it’s a disgusting institution that’s rotten from the top all the way down to its racist fans pushing black people off tubes.
This is far more than a shit club with no history, this is a stain on football, on London, on humanity.”

Well said Alan!

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