Monthly archives: September 2015


Leicester City 2 – 5 Arsenal

I could not watch yesterday’s game live as I was doing an extra long shift at work. From the extended highlights I watched, it looks like Arsenal got back to very useful habit of converting reasonable amount of chances created and played with freedom and flair we all know our team can. Maybe I should do more overtime at work on Saturdays. Theo Walcott looked like he is really getting the grips of being the main striker and improving steadily at playing that position. This gives us an option of choosing 3 very different type strikers to choose from when […]


Alan Davies’ Chelsea Speech

  That Chelsea speech from Alan in full. ” Be advised this delusional personality disorder starts at the top. Of all the reprehensible scumbags masquerading as talented successful stars in their field,you have to start with abramovic. Now the billionaire with yachts and legit business interests and helicopters, the grim reality of the blood stained gold rush that was the break-up of the former USSR, the handing over of huge state utilities, of the right to print money, to oligarchs, to keep them out of western business hands. There are bodies buried make no mistake. But now he cruises clear […]


Chelsea 2 – 0 Arsenal

Well, there is nothing I can write about this game as it was ruined in the first half by typical Chelsea cheating antics led by Diago Costa whose character is even more horrible than his looks. I can honestly say that I would rather my team not having any trophies at the end of the season than winning by resorting the cheating and nasty tactics as Chelsea always do under Mourinho. And they wonder why most football fans dislike Chelsea immensly. Could it be it is because they are a dirty, ugly team inside out with many dirty, ugly players […]


Arsenal 2 – 0 Stoke

2 – 0 to the Arsenal, 2 – 0 to the Arsenal! Really I should be writing 6 – 0 to the Arsenal and that would have been no exaggeration. That is how wasteful we were in front of the goal. Sad thing is the biggest culprit was our main striker on the day; Walcott. He missed another chance – as well as many sitters – to stake his claim to be the Arsenal’s no1 striker. Scoring our opening goal is not going to save Walcott from the criticism he will get from the World of football. Apart from the finishing, Arsenal […]