Newcastle 0 – 1 Arsenal

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As if we needed reminding, the need of a top class striker was very evident in this game. Giroud – as good as he is – is not the World class striker we need for what we want to achieve this season and contrary to his claim, Walcott is not a central striker. 18 touches during his 69 minutes with the team having 74% of the possession tells its own story.

If only 1 on target out of 22 shots, including 2 sitters by Walcott and one from Giroud doesn’t open Arsene Wenger’s tight wallet, nothing will. Nothing we can do now but hope for another deadline day miracle signing, déjà vu…

Not only erratic finishing but a bad decision by the man in the middle made this game a tighter affair than it should have been. The challenge on Ballerin from behind, in their 18 yard box was a stone wall penalty. Actually the referee had a great game apart from that. His decision to sent Mitrovic off was spot on, so was all the other yellows shown to Newcastle players as they had a master plan, obviously instructed by their mastermind Steve McLaren to kick our players off to park. Somebody forgot to tell him those days have long gone. But it was hilarious to see the man with the umbrella jumping up and down as if there were so many bad decisions against his team.

This was an important win which sets us up for a push for the title after the upcoming international break. In the meanwhile you can take a look at Arsenal offers on some of the newest betting sites.

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