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I was lucky enough to miss the first game of the season as I was abroad. When I arrived back in London I found Gunner Kingdom in disarray which is understandable after all the hype and positivity during the pre-season preparations.

Of course this was a game this Arsenal team should have won, but this is the nature of football: it is full of surprises, and it’s unpredictability and the strength of the Premiership means if the team is not 100% on it you get result like this time to time. The trick is to keep it to a minimum during the course of the season. Unfortunately this loss leaves us with a very little margin for error for the rest of the season. It is like losing one of your 3 lives at the start of a video game.

 I felt courageous enough to watch some highlights after a couple of days of my return. Looks like Ox was our best player, especially in the first half, but he was also the one who gave the ball away for their second goal, and this has happened before. He needs to eradicate it from his game promptly!

Cech hopefully got “a bad day at the office” out of the way for the remaining of the season. Let’s Call it “the very first day at the office was a bad day”. He definitely is good as well as experience enough to get over it. I guarantee he will gain us many points that will make up for it. I think him being too eager to impress is what led to his hasty decisions.

Playing Cazorla on the side wasn’t the best decision, after his brilliant performances playing withdrawn, middle of the park position last season. For me he was our best player and I was pleasantly surprised of his work rate and tackling qualities. We all know that his ball retention and distribution is top notch, so it was a perfect fit. Why fix if not broken? I know we got a lot of options there but he should be the first name down in the team sheet in that position. Rambo, as good as he is playing in that role, is more suited to move to side in my opinion.

The team have a perfect opportunity to show it was an “accident” against Crystal Palace away next Sunday.


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