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A perfect scenario for Arsenal

A perfect scenario for Arsenal There is this question that I am struggling to find an answer to: Would I have taken finishing 3rd in the league and winning the FA cup at the beginning of this season? Tough one to find an answer to as I think this Arsenal team has the potential to do better but for a couple of upgrades in certain positions… Definitely the best squad we’ve had since the Invincibles. Of course we are still yet to negotiate the FA Cup Final at the weekend against Aston Villa, when BBC will be reviving the […]

ARSENAL LOOK TOWARDS NEXT SEASON As the season draws to a close once more the main focus for many Premier League sides is what changes need to occur within the club to help them come back as an improved fighting force on the pitch next season. Even though Arsenal are still in with a chance of securing the runner-up spot this year, despite defeat to Swansea, and will also have the chance to pick up some silverware at the end of May, manager Arsene Wenger will already have his sights on piecing together an even stronger challenge for the 2015/2016 season. Arsenal still have […]