Arsenal 2 – 2 Manchester City

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What a game it was at the weekend! I thoroughly enjoyed watching the game as a football fan albeit it was a game we should have won having gone 2 -1 up with 16 minutes to go, after being 1 -0 down to a sucker punch goal in the 28th minute. At the same time we could have easily lost the game after that.
I was very impressed by the start Arsenal made. Manchester City with all their superstars were all over the place by the way we went at them straight from the kick off. They were hanging on for their lives when they scored against the run of play.
It was worrying to see that we conceded another very avoidable goal when we were very on top…again. It also illustrated that there is a distinct drop of level when it comes to the all-important DM position, compared with the rest of the positions in the team. 
I like the attitude and commitment of Flamini and he is a decent player but ‘decent’ just doesn’t cut it for what we want to achieve this season which is to be able to compete with moneybag teams in the most difficult league. Arteta is a step up and a very decent player but he doesn’t possess the physical presence required to be a top DM. I suppose we can combine the two in a lab and make an ideal DM and name him Flaminsteinteta. 
We are very close to being a team of my dreams; a top class DM who can also play CB is all we need. A player like Javi Martinez of Bayern Munich would fit the bill and he seems to be a surplus to their requirements.
Our Midfield and attacking options are as good as it can be with balanced mixture of top class young and experienced players. We also have a very good core of home grown players now as well as the pace we have been missing in recent times. Team sprit seems to be very good too as we witnessed at the weekend. 
Another worry I have is the amount of injuries we are getting, yet again. Is it just bad luck? A million dollar question! What is not in question is, it is a seasonally reoccurring problem. Could it be the team’s training method?  
Over all I have great hope and expectation from this team as long as Mr Wenger takes that final step and buys that DM in the next transfer window. On the other hand, I think the odds on Arsenal winning title this season with will be very high.
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