A letter to Arsenal FC

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(Grant Temple posted to Arsenal Football Club on FB)
I am a 21 year old American that is fan of Arsenal and have played soccer (football) my entire life, I have followed the club tirelessly for the past ten years of my life.
Admittedly, I do not know all the ins and outs of the club as it is not covered in the media from where I am from. All I know is from the games I watch and the intense research that I do to follow and support the club.
My dream is to make it to the Emirates stadium and see the club I love play 

and be in the atmosphere that looks thrilling and amazing.
With all of this being said, I am beyond disappointed with the off season that we had. How could you not be? Year after year we let our best players go and never make any significant signings. I put up with it for many years and had faith that the club was doing what was best for the team, the business, and the club as a whole.
I am scared to say that I may be proven wrong. Seriously, how has there not been a single signing? What will it take for the club to realize that you need star players that can perform at the highest levels to win? I’m sure that they know this, which begs the question why do they do nothing about it!
How could the club go into this season with expectations to do well when they literally did not one thing to improve the team during the off season. I am just befuddled at the fact that they had 75 million to spend and couldn’t land a single big signing. Spend the god damn money and let’s get some hardware!
I want to see the Arsenal that I fell in love with 10 years ago as a young boy. A team that played the game so beautifully and could keep and move the ball like I had never seen before. The brand of soccer then was brilliant, but that is now gone.
What needs to happen for the club to make some moves and get back to the club that we all love and support?
Well said Grant…
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