Nowhere to hide this time, Arsene

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By Landry Subira
I write to you from my living room couch with the 2-2 against Napoli playing in the background.  There was a lot of good in the match mixed in with the bad. The good included seeing a fully fit Jack Wilshere and an excellent Koscielny.  The rest was seen for what it was, a team that is a way away from match fit. Let’s not kid ourselves in the least; this is the strongest we’ve been entering a season in a while.  As I write this there are smattering that we may have signed a 19 year old German defensive mid from Freiburg. We will have to wait and see if this is true or not.  Makes sense that we would get an understudy to Arteta and cover for centre back as well.
It’s a funny time to blog; I cannot tell you if the summer has been a mistake, a success or a bit in the middle. What I can say is from the behaviour of the fans from the game yesterday, there is not much patience out there. People are quite tense and I must admit that I am one of them, even though I am quite the optimist. There are a few reasons why I think we will get signings for the team.
The major reason I think we will get signings is that I do not believe Arsene thinks he is untouchable

 any longer. Gazidis really put him in the firing line at the end of last season. The smooth talker really has done his job; he has renegotiated some deals and made a massive sum of money available to the boss and then told him, through the media, that the spending is up to him. Arsene really has nowhere to hide this time. If he does not add quality, there will be full scale mutiny from the fans, something that relaxes me rather than stresses me. His reputation is very important to him. I see a very proud man when I see him and no one can tell me being booed week on week will please him all that much. Everyone has an ego.
Secondly the bids have been for very decent players, none more than the calamitous fuckface Luis Suarez. Now I don’t know if we will get him or not, my idea is that if we bid £40 000 001 (which made me chuckle for ages) we really want the fucker. I don’t like him very much but then again I can’t stand Walcott or Giroud all that much but still celebrate their goals. He would be a truly massive addition. Last season we were about 25-35 goals short of really challenging and buying him would secure almost about that PROVIDED we do not concede 15 more.  I also believe we should bid more, not just to spend more, just to force Liverpools hand and really fuck things up in the league. To me it’s tantamount to the roar King Leonidus had at the end of the 300, a big FUCK YOU to all the other teams who think we’re beneath them. I don’t believe he is worth £50 million but I do believe that the message it sends is worth it coupled with the fact that we really get the man we want. 
(As I type this I’m having a quick look at twitter and it seems Higuan is being booed by our fans. It is stupid and misdirected but it really shows that the embers of frustration do not need much oxygen before becoming a raging fire)
The third reason I think he should spend is a philosophical one. I can’t stand one thing about Mr Wenger and its when he says he likes giving a player a chance. Arsenal are NOT meant to be in the business of giving people a chance. Gervinho is a good example of this. Now I actually like the player; he is skilful and I don’t think we have many players able to beat the man so easily. He has scored a few goals and I feel frustrated that he couldn’t step up and be that 10-15 a season goalscorer that I think Wenger saw. However, the risk should not have been taken. After scouting Hazard for so long and knowing what player he wanted, it makes sense that he would settle for a player because of finance but the gap in my opinion is too far. His numbers at Lille were good, but he must see the player for who he is and not who he wants them to be.  There are certain players who are better than their talent and there are some that are worse; my thing is that he tends to gamble on very talented players with no characters rather than limited ones with bigger characters. Podolski to me is the type I prefer, the Flamini player. The type like Jenkinson, who has more Ramsey, with more heart and drive than skill but will do better. 
Lastly I just want our team to do well. I really will be pissed off if Arsene fucks this one up. He has a bigger opportunity to challenge than he has since 2010-2011 when I think we punked out after the League final loss. We really MUST win a trophy, if only to keep the players we have together and start getting some traction. This squad together for 3 seasons can do wonders but the additions AND trophies are very important. 
Till next time.
@LandrySubira (RwandanGooner)

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