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By @landrysubira

At the worst of times this season was very painful; I was seated in my brothers room, furious and sad that Arsenal had once more managed to fuck up a cup, the FA Cup against Blackburn. It was the lowest of the lows, the second time in one season that we had lost to a team far below us. I felt Arsene had failed the last time. I became a Wenger-Out basher, a person who did not believe that there was any way we would ever amount to anything. After being thrashed at home by Bayern, even though it was expected, it was another terrible performance. Compound that with two defensive atrocities

 against the Sp*ds and I had already called it a season.

How the fuck did we make it through? You(hi mom) and I deserve an award for making it through that season. How are we the 4th ranked team in England and are this shit? Its truly amazing, a miracle by Arsene Wenger and his players. To be fair the league as a whole has been a disappointment, with RVCunt and his lot strolling to the League and Mancini being sacked for being..well…shit. That we are 4th says a lot about our team. The first thing to say is that Arsene is really a fantastic manager, and good on him for making the tough decisions when they had to be made so we could go on this run. His decision to play Koscielny in Vermaelen’s place was a masterstroke, and yesterday was the culmination of that one decision with Mr Laurent having a 10/10 performance against Newcastle. Ramsey in midfield was the other and the more defensively minded set-up was the last. There are of course many other things that took place behind the scenes but these are the three decisions that got us into the group stages of the Champions League. We cut it too close for my liking but sometimes you just take what you can get.

I wish I could feel excited about the summer (our winter) ahead but I just feel that the last 3 or 4 has sucked all the joy out of them. If we can get the four players I think are necessary to challenge and win the title, then it will be great, but history tells me we will fall just short. We may buy two strikers and a goalkeeper, but not the midfield enforcer we need. We may get an extra winger but not the striker we need. I couldn’t care less who the people are, I just want 3 of 4 quality signings from the top table. No more Girouds and Gervinho’s, more Cazorla’s and Koscielny’s. If they come from the Austrian League are end up being the next Chicarito then fine. I want it so badly next season, to win a cup or even the title, to reset this 8 year clock of trophyless-ness that pervades our footballing existence. Miranda of Atletico Madrid, after winning their first game against Real Madrid since 1999 for the Copa del Rey, said “I wanted to score that goal for all the kids who laugh at my son every day for being an Atl├ętico fan.”   I feel the same way. No one likes to lose or come 4th or 3rd every season. We want to win! But they are certain caveats; we were quite an average side and coming fourth after losing Van Persie, Nasri, Fabregas and Song in the last two summers is extraordinary work.

The point however is to use this to our advantage, to take this as a platform to do better. There are simply no more excuses that can be leveled against buying proper quality players. For example, I really like Christian Benteke. He is everything that I want in a striker and everything that Olivier Giroud isn’t apart from perhaps his holdup play. Signing a player who has scored nearly 20 goals in his first season is a good buy. He isn’t the next Eden Hazard but he is quality and these are the types of signings i would like to see. The same thing we could be said to do is keeping hold of Sagna, no matter how frustrating he may be. Selling him would not make any sense. He is an excellent right back and I do think it will cost us more to replace him.

I’m quite happy to see the back of this season. There were too many bad moments and too few good ones. I won’t look back on it with any joy. We achieved the minimum of a club our size and now it is time to go on attack in every way, starting on the 1st of June.


Hello Silly Season!

P.S. To everyone who wonders why we are celebrating fourth, sit down and shut up. You obviously do not have a clue. 


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