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by @LandrySubira 


My youngest sibling says I tend to talk in superlatives and it’s true. Songs are always awful or excellent, as are books, movies and so on.  Now it’s stuck in my mind and I try to keep my outlook as close to the middle as I can. Even with those blinds on I still don’t like what I see when I look at my team.

The game against Spurs* was quite disheartening but sadly normal.  We started quite well and understood pressing for the first 30 odd minutes. They really had no real control of the ball. The first goal we conceded was only bad because the second was even more dismal in that it was an exact copy. I watched ManYoo defend against Real Madrid and Juve against Celtic and it hurt. I can’t FU CKING stand it! Why can’t we fucking do something as simple as defend? It’s like everybody gives up at the same time. The run by Lennon was FiFa – obvious, something we see coming a mile away.

The argument that u have to give up defence for attack is shit. It’s all about team shape and transitions. I saw ManYoo get from Rio to Rooney in 3 passes tonight because the transitions are very smooth. I think our team shape is awful. There are never any passes open to the player with the ball. Indulge me a second and look at how our team is set up when we’re in our opponents box.


                                                  OPPOSING TEAM GOAL


                                                       Giroud                                                 Walcott






                  Monreal                                                     Wilshere


                                                                       Ramsey**                                                Arteta





I know that the diagram is pretty shit but i hope u get my point. I don’t  get what it is about Arsene that he seems to think that this is the way to attack teams. I do understand that Arsene has forgotten more about football than I will ever know, but I just don’t get how this system could work. With the two full backs up, we’re short on the wings which means both CBs move outward and ordinarily a central defensive midfielder would sit back. However, with Arteta not always being defensively minded and the forward players needing assistance, there is usually many gaps in behind our midfielders. As soon as Jack or Rambo is dispossessed, all it takes is one pass and the opposing team is facing our not so great centre backs.

Also with Walcott playing a second striker, no one helps the right sided full back at defending or even worse at attacking. So many games, Sagna has been a lightning rod for abuse  when it’s not his fault. He has no forward options, his most common passes being Arteta and BFG. I have no stats; these are just things I see with my eyes. He  (Walcott)is USELESS with his back to goal and no one in our midfield sees his runs so i don’t see why Wenger persists with him in that position. Furthermore Giroud is shit. I’ve tried it’s him as much as I can. Perhaps he will improve a lot in his second season as Suarez has done but I just don’t see him as Arsenal’s first choice centre-forward long-term. Having no pace at all is harmful against us. It seems too that he doesn’t understand Santi or Walcott, his runs always opposite to what they think they he should be doing. He just runs about at a canter and in a  team so averse to crosses , he gets no service. In my opinion we badly needed a defensive mid in this team. And a less selfish Walcott. The team is too unbalanced. Also the team lacks bravery; all the passes that are not from Cazorla and Wilshere are textbook, not much guile or ingenuity. Thats the one reason I ADORE Coquelin. He makes mistakes but I prefer “try-errs” to people who don’t take any risks.

The defending problem comes from a lack of area specific players. With no DM, our attack and defence has no springboard or protection. Watching Chelsea v the Mancs a couple of days ago showed the difference. Carrick ruled the middle until Mikel came on and he won everything that Carrick and Cleverly did in the first half. If we could free Arteta from defensive duties I’m sure he would thrive in the metronomic role he was accustomed to and excelled at last season.

I have struggled to blog this season because I have been disheartened too many times.

I’ve never seen Arsenal as average until this season. I’m not necessarily an Arsene Out guy but I simply don’t think that the players are good enough and the tactics are even more poor. However, the last 4 players to be signed have been very good on the whole and excellent with regard to Cazorla. I just don’t think we will ever get another TH14 or Dennis because those players will cost over twenty million and Arsene will never go there and that’s sad. Just to end this blog on a slight positive I’m really liking how Ramsey is coming back. I really do like him. He’s versatile, he’ll run himself into the ground for the team and he will always look for a forward pass. Just for one game I’d like to see Rambo, Coq and The Ox playing together. They usually play with no fear, an emotion Arsenal fans would love to get accustomed to again.

* – Spurs – because i’m really far away from and don’t understand the hate we have for them. it doesn’t quite cross-over. I HATE Manchester United. hate them.

** – usually one or the other.

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