The relationship is too one sided

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by Landry Subira

In the world of extremes that the footballing world finds itself in, it is hard to find any kind of objectivity. I study law, and objectivity and reasonableness are the most important standards that come up, apart from billing the shit out of clients.

There are games that are seen as great but are only good and those that awful but are only average. Yesterday’s game however, was actually shit. No two ways about it. They are hundreds of miles ahead of us. Millions. They barely played at all and beat us comfortably. We lost on the bus Or plane to ManYoo, not the pitch. Never mind the things that pissed me off, gifting them a free goal (the captain no less), the fact that only Sagna snubbed THE CUNT, the fact that Santos is overweight and slow and terrible and couldn’t be less bothered of making a run or positioning himself well, that he asked for the CUNT’s tshirt at half time, it’s that Arsene Wenger looked worried about it. He looked surprised. My cynicism has hithe point where I’m flabbergasted by this.
Arsene, what the fuck did you think was going to happen?

It’s Einsteins insanity. We have lost all the good players in our team and not replaced them with quality. Selling Van Persie to ManYoo is typical of a team and a board that doesn’t really care about football. He could have had a hat trick yesterday if his team had read seen his runs on time. Signing Giroud/Podolski to replace him is quite laughable. Giroud is not even half as talented as the CUNT. Yesterday showed his ability quite well. I think he won only 2 headers against Evans and Ferdinand, a defence so shit they’ve conceded 2 goals to Southhampton, Fulham and Braga. The ‘tactics’ such as they were against us were so obvious I couldn’t talk. Press Arteta up the pitch, attack on our weak side, wait for our captain to make a mistake, let the defence keep the ball as much as they wanted. They were toying with us yesterday.

Another thing; I know Arsene has to discipline Walcott but a forward line without any pace yesterday is suicide. Walcott would have gotten Evra sent off . That he didn’t start on the wing yesterday was childish. Put out your best 11 or you’ll get smashed. Talking about our best 11, the team out there yesterday has to be Arsene’s fault. Santos is abject, Giroud is not a goal threat and is so slow Johnny fucking Evans feels comfortable in dribbling him, Ramsey is no winger and could have easily put the donkey up front through in the first half but held on too long. Everywhere on the pitch they are players who are simply not up to task. All the opposition has to do is mark the midfield 3. Arsharvin came on and I just chuckled…because they just brought Nani on. The gap as I said is David and Goliath.

We no longer compete with the big three. As for the points tally, I’m okay with it. I knew we would lose yesterday but the thing I was surprised by is that we had no fight at all. The only player that did got sent off because our bench is so shit, we had no replacements. How is Santos an Arsenal player? Mertesacker was once again the only player that made me smile because his positioning is savant like. And Mannone was better in goal and couldn’t do a thing about the goals we conceded.

I have really tried to be circumspect with the criticism but all I cans at is that we can’t many more games like that this season. I doubt however that we won’t. I try to be reasonable but what I saw on that pitch doesn’t deserve it. It was rank and stank of a side that didn’t know where it was or where it was going. I haven’t blogged in ages because I wanted a more holistic picture of the team, but what I saw was a fragmented average side.
So I think I have regressed into a laissez faire Arsenal fan. I will always support but I can’t cause myself so much pain any more. The relationship is too one sided. I will cheer goals and rue losses but as the board has sold the team away, so have they sold my excitement away. We were very bad yesterday but only because we aren’t really that good. I’m sure the PERFORMANCE could have been better but the LEVEL was ours. And I don’t know who has the guts to sort this shit out.


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